Splitska, the settlement that appeared in the 16th century when Omiš pirates destroyed the settlement founded in 13th century, is located in a quiet bay, 8 km from Supetar. Its name reflects its past since Splitska was the export port from which the stone used for the construction of Diocletian’s summerhouse in Split was taken.


Draw-wells, puddles and pastures from the period of Roman Emperor, and in Rasohe quarry can be found the remains of the Roman quarries above Splitska where you can see the relief of Hercules, the Roman God of strength, carved in stone.


When in Splitska, do not fail to visit the Parish Church of the Holy Virgin Mary Stomorena built on the foundations of the old church from 1288. Take a look at the altarpiece of the Virgin with saints made by the renaissance artist, Leandro Bassano in 1577 too.


Splitska also has a castle that dates back to the same year. It is the castle that belonged to the Cerinić family and is the oldest building in Splitska.


As every place has its fair, Splitska’s takes place on the Assumption of Mary holiday, on 15th August, when visitors can expect a true popular traditional feast. As well as this, in the middle of July (depending on the moon phases), in the Varoš area, you can enjoy Varoš Days, a traditional fishermen’s feast when sardines and red wine are offered.