The oldest and one of the most authentic villages on the island, where you can literally feel the history and the essence of Brač. This place exudes with simplicity of life and is a museum of architectural tradition. Anyone you meet here will treat you like a friend.


Škrip is the best place to host the Island of Brač Museum where can be seen a cross-section of history and cultural heritage of the island. It is situated in Radojković Tower from 16th century. What is interesting is that this museum is one of the most visited Croatian museums, with approx. 12000 visitors annually. Foundations of this tower were built 1500 years aC, whilst in the lower floor of the Museum, there is a Roman Mausoleum famous for the legend which says that here were buried Valerija and Priska – wife and daughter of the emperor Diocletian.


Museum is open for visitors in the morning hours, during the whole year. Afternoon visits are organized on previous announcement on 021 637 092, Centre for Culture Brač.


Besides the museum, on the main Škrip square there is a castle of Cerinić family from 16th century, in the front of which are two Roman sarcophagus. It is an interesting fact that such a small village like Škripa there are two churches – a small church of St Spirit from the 4th century located at the cemetery and the big one of the St Jelena (Helen) from 18th century. There are two valuable pictures of Palma Jr in it not to be missed: The Madonna with Saints and the Baptism of Christ. Another interesting Škrip’s legend says that it is the place where St Helena (Jelena), mother of Constantine, was born.


The museum of oil presents the traditional process of olive oil production on the island Brac. The museum of oil exibit  olive mill, olive press, spindle for tightening press screw, bags, fireplace for heating the water and all traditional tools for transport, production and storage of olive oil.The Cukrov family continues the family tradition of producing olive oil as a part of their family business, this time on modern maschines, for which it was awarded bronze medal for extra virgin olive oil at the Oblica fest 2014 in Postira. In the museum visitors can taste and buy olive oil .


Do not miss the Škrip’s fair which takes place on August, 18 and “Štefa Pulišelić” Festival of chakavian words at the end of August. This Festival takes place since 2009 in memory of Škriplje’s inhabitant Stjepan Pulišelić, a great Croatian sociologist and Chakavian poet from Brač, autor of 14 collection of poems written in Chakavian dialect.