Mirca, a beautiful and picturesque village of olive growers and farmers, situated less than half an hour of walking from the centre of Supetar, founded in the 16th century by inhabitants of nearby Sutivan and Donji Humac.


Name Mirca has its origin in the Latin word murus which means wall and has an interesting declination – so Mrčani (inhabitants of Mirca) will say that they go to Mirca or that they are from Mirca.


Mirca will undoubtedly enchant you with its simplicity and beautiful rural architecture, characteristic for small Dalmatian insular villages. Take a walk along Upper Mirca and you will wish to become the owner of one of the beautiful stone houses in a quiet place and with a beautiful view on Brač Channel and the mainland in the background.


Although small, Mirca hide interesting artworks – in the church of Our Lady of the Visitation built in the 18th century, do not miss to take a look at the altarpiece of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows made by a self-taught painter Felix Tironi and picture of Cyril and Methodius made by Pavo Gospodnetić, naïve painter from Postira on Brač.


When you wish some peace and meditation, take a walk along the walking trail “Olive paths”, through the old olive groves. If you wish to stay in company, experience the original traditional Brač festival – Gospa Miraška that takes place on July, 2.


Do not miss the traditional exhibition in Mutne kale (Donji dvori) that almost traditionally, for 18 years, takes place the first Saturday in August. Besides Mirca painters and friends’ pictures, you will enjoy the good company, fried sardines, red wine and Dalmatian klapa songs.