BRAČKI VARENIK (Varenik from the island of Brač)

Brački varenik is an indigenous Croatian food product from the island of Brač, protected on an EU level.

It is a reduced liquid food supplement obtained after a long cooking process of the local wine grapes variety’s juice, done when original volume of the grape juice reduces to 1/3.

Due to the 15 hours cooking process and its nutritive value, Brački varenik is sold at around 500 kn per 1 liter (67 E/L).

It is a great replacement for sugar and it has been in use on our island for centuries, long before cane sugar.  Brački varenik is perfect addition to stews, homemade biscuits, even ice cream.

It is a perfect gourmet souvenir from the island of Brač and you can order it from our local, certified island producers. Here is a list of their contacts:


OPG Ljubomir Kurtić

18. rujna 21, 21 400 Supetar

Tel: +385 / 91 937 9011

[email protected]


OPG Šimica Žuvić

Dračevica 81, 21 423 Nerežišća

Tel: +385 / 91 585 9310

[email protected]


OPG Marko Franulić

Vela Farska 16, 21 423 Nerežišća

Tel: +385 / 98 589 654

[email protected]


OPG Frane Cvitanić

Gornje Podbarje 10, 21 420 Bol

Tel: +385 / 99 210 2015

[email protected]


Photo: Poljoprivredna zadruga Supetar