With the publication of the EU decision on the entry of the name “Brač olive oil” in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications, the work on the long-awaited recognition of the authenticity of Brač olive oil has come to completion!
After the Brač varenik was recently protected as the 26th Croatian product and the first from the island of Brač in the entire EU, Brač olive oil as the 33rd Croatian product achieved the same level of protection in the EU, which is good news and great recognition to Brač olive growers and oil producers.
The request for protection was submitted by the Agricultural Cooperative Supetar in agreement with other agricultural cooperatives on the island of Brač: Postira, Selca, Bol and Milna.
This act has opened a new chapter in the production and marketing of this Brač yellow gold, followed by the inclusion of interested producers in the protection process.
Today, Brač is the largest olive growing and producing area in Croatia and the olive oil produced on the island of Brač is of the highest quality and, along with the Brač stone, is a must-have souvenir that you must take home from our beautiful island.