Supetar’s Tourist Board 25th anniversary

On the October 24th, Supetar Tourist Board has held solemn assembly to celebrate its 25th founding anniversary.   This opportunity was used to thank all of those who helped us during the last 25 years.  Four distinquished individuals were awarded with a Supetar Tourist Board Honorable Member Award. Those are:

Mr.  Miro Bogdanović (posthumously), founder of the Chef’s of the Mediterranean and European Regions Association and the founder of the International culinary festival “Biser mora” (Pearl of the sea),

Mr. Ivan Šimunović, owner of Velaris  d.d. Supetar

Mr. Marijan Dužić, owner and director of Waterman Resort Svpetrvs hoteli d.d. Supetar and

Mrs. Božena Sinovčić, longtime member of the Supetar Tourist Board

Congratulations to all and we thank them once again for their great contribution to our institution.