Dica mora

“DICA MORA” is the name of a joint ecological and educational project designed by the City of Supetar, the Tourist Board of the City of Supetar, the Municipal Company “City”, the Volunteer Fire Department of Supetar and the “Arbun” Sport Fishing Club, and which we have set as one of the most important orientations of our work in the future.

Tempted by the devastating fact that, globally speaking, our human environment, especially the sea, is polluted by waste to worrisome proportions and led by the old saying “think globally, act locally”, we have decided in the city of Supetar to do as much as we can to minimize pollution, and to talk about this immense problem continuously.

The project “DICA MORA” has following goals:

  • raising the awareness of the local population on the importance of environmental protection, especially the sea and the coastal belt and saving the forest of fire, with special emphasis on children and young people
  • continually informing tourists and visitors about the importance of preserving the sea and the coast of garbage
  • continually informing tourists and visitors about the importance of forest fire protection and
  • reduction of potential pollution of the sea and coastline and reduction of the risk of forest fires during the summer months.


The project “DICA MORA” has an ecological and educational dimension, and both will be implemented through a series of educational workshops on the field and online. The project also has its own communal dimension. We will print the promotional material of the project, procure beach charters with rules of conduct and warnings about the importance of preserving the sea and coastline, we are going to purchase more beach ashtrays, order new beach dressers, which will also be promoters of the basic project goals.

In the future, through the project we plan to purchase sea defense dams for oil pollution and educate members of our DVD to act in such cases.
The planned value of the project is just over one million kunas, and the project itself will be carried out continuously through the work and activities of the institutions and associations included in the project. The first concrete results of the project will be visible to the public at the beginning of this tourist season.
For the end of this post, let’s ask ourselves whether we really need straws, plastic plates, plastic cups and plastic bags. Say “NO TO PLASTIC” today and we have already made a huge step forward!