CZK Brač

Porat, Ul. Bolskih Pomoraca 7, 21420, Bol, Croatia

Tel: +385(0)21 637 092


THE BRANISLAV DESKOVIC FINE ARTS GALLERY, BOL. This intimate gallery bears the name of Branislav Dešković (1883–1939), born in Pučišća, who was one of the best animal sculptors of modern Croatian art. The gallery is situated in a harmonious Renaissance-Baroque building in the port and holds one of the most representative displays of Croatian modern art.

On the ground floor, works of sculptors (I. Rendić, I. Meštrović, B. Dešković, A. Augustinčić, V. Michieli and others) can be seen whilst on the first and second floors, a selection of the significant works of Croatian contemporary artists, such as V. Michieli, R. Goldoni, Lj. Ivančić I. Job, J. Plančić, E. Vidović and others are on display. Occasional exhibitions of painters and sculptors connected to Brač by their origin, and selected from the rich gallery collection are also held here.

These paintings and sculptures repeatedly reflect the blended affinity of the climate and character that is widely known as being Mediterranean, southern or temperamental, regardless of the author's origin.


Porat, Ul. Bolskih Pomoraca 7, 21420, Bol, Croatia