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Welcome to the official website of Supetar Tourist Board ...







Brač is really an ideal island for enjoying in beaches and beautiful coastline. Countless are hidden inlets dispersed along the whole island which with their natural features and clean sea attract bathers from around the world. Here is one of the most popular ones out of the Town of Supetar area:

BOBOVIŠĆA – a well protected inlet, suited for sailors. Shores are sheer but suitable for small number bathers.

LOVREČINA – a big sandy beach suitable for all ages. On the western coast of the bay there are smooth rocks.  The sea is very clear and the seabed is covered with sand.


RASOTICA – a very picturesque bay close to the village Povlja. It is occassionaly inhabited and suitable for anchoring.


ZLATNI RAT – the most popular and the most famous island’s beach, unique in the world and for a reason one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

MURVICA – a small environmental inlet with the beach at the foot of the pine forest. The sea is very clear.

FARSKA – is opened and unprotected bay surrounded by beach, clear sea and pine forest.

OSIBOVA – particularity of this inlet is clear and clear sea. It is situated close to Milna with which is connected by an asphalted road.