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As the island of a rich history and cultural heritage, the island of Brač offers a plenty of interesting localities and attractions. Numerous clusters and dry stone walls spread along the island are a monument of stubbornness of Brač’s man and his need to clear the barren land in order to survive. It is hard to set all island’s cultural sights aside so what follows are those sights that in our opinion you should not miss to visit.

ISLAND OF BRAČ MUSEUM – in the oldest Brač village - Škrip
BLACA DESERT – Glagolitic hermitage from 16th century in the very heart of Brač
DRAGON’S CAVE – Hermitage in the cliff from 9th century, above Murvica village
KOPAČINA CAVE – a place where man was living in Brač 30 000 years ago, near Donji Humac
STONE MASON’S SCHOOL in Pučišća – one of the three schools of this type in the world
CHURCH TOWER IN Ložišća – a masterpiece of sculptor Ivan Rendić
LOVREČINA BAY – near Postira, with remnants of Early Christian Basilica from 6th century
MIRJE - above Postira with remnants of Early Christian Monastery
NEREŽIŠĆA – the old capital town of the island of Brač with a pine in the roof of the small church of St Peter at the central square
SELCA HAMLETS – a fantastic example of preserved island architecture
BRIDGE OF THE EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEPH close to Ložišća – the only stone bridge on the island